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Angelfall  - Susan Ee

Star Rating:  5 Stars


Amazon Kindle Prime Lending Program but ended up purchasing about 25% of the way through since I can tell I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK.


First Impression:  Just starts with a bang. This is going to be good. Also, a handicapped character!!


OMG this book is So.Freaking.Amazing.   My one concern, at 29% into the book, is where are all the people? It’s a dystopia but so far no explanation why theres so few people running around.  Normally, I really don’t get into Angels, I’m much more of a Fairy person. Probably because Angels are usually equated with religious crap and I’m very anti religion.  But this book. It rocks. Plus, how is an Angel taking Jesus name in vain, not hysterical?


Characters: Penryn Rocks. I love her love for her sister (handicapped character). I bet Raffe is incredibly hot.  Dee-Dum are awesome. Twins are always fun in books.


Wow. This book is wonderful and weird and crazy but all in a good way. And the ending just left me speechless.


Recommendations: If you like Laini Taylor you’ll love this. Also if you like YA, dystopia.


Cover: Freaking Beautiful!

Quotes: “Oh.My.God. You are nothing but a bird with an attitude.” Penryn to Raffe