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Courtney Crumrin Book 3: The Twilight Kingdom

Courtney Crumrin Volume 3: The Twilight Kingdom - Ted Naifeh

5 Stars for art and story.


Self Purchase, Hard back special edition.


First Impression: As beautiful as the others in the special edition series.

The first story has us going back to her home town where she meets up with an old friend. Good story, 4 Stars. Cute but I miss the fairies.  The second story is more interesting with Courtney having to go to a  school for witches.  In stories three and four Courtney saves her school mate’s asses from trouble with the Twilight King.  I love, love, love how the Twilight King is drawn. Amazing.   I love the dark colors used in this series. Just amazing.   I’ve read volume 4 through netgalley so it’s going to be a long wait until I get some new Courtney material.  I even like the writing which isn’t cheesy or lame.  I highly recommend this if you like Harry Potter and or Gunnerkrigg Court.