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Features Wishlist- Updated 3/20/14


I've started a list of features I want to see. They are in alphabetical order to make it easier to find them to cross off.



These are in alphabetical order to make it easier to find stuff when they add them.


Ability to Choose editions, plus edition reviews all on same page

Ability to count and record multiple readings of a book

Ability to Like people's updated/currently reading updates

Ability to manually sort to read shelf

Author Pages

     (  related to author pages, ability to follow and or like Authors)

Archiving Shelves

Better and More Giveaways

Book Likes Awards for all countries, not just us based

Book Recommendations to friends

Easier to explore books

CSV Export

Make the table better in printable form

Mobile App for Iphone

Notification when books on wishlist become available on Amazon

Official challenges (more)

Organizing Shelves

Popular Books (most read)

Private Messaging

Quotes widget like Goodreads has  YEAY!!!!

Random Book generator

Series pages

Sorting Shelves