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Why Kimba Saved the World

Why Kimba Saved The World  - Meg Welch Dendler

Free from Publisher for review.


4.5 Stars


First Impression: I like the author, there’s some silly snarky remarks before the book even starts. LOL. Nothing rude, just silliness to make one warm up to the author.

I was expecting a graphic novel or picture book. but it isn’t but that’s ok with me.  It’s got CATS!!


Interesting. I can’t tell if this partially real or not (which would explain the opening commentary).  There are real photographs in the book, between some of the chapters showing the pictures of the kittens that are the narrators.  I do love the names Hiro and Kimba. Must write those down for future potential cat names.   Incase anyone is interested, we currently have three cats: Itchy, Scratchy and Merlyn.  Itchy and Scratchy named from Simpsons and Merlyn is actually from the series of Jack Whyte books which I really enjoyed. But I digress.


Incredibly cute story. I like how the cats are basically in  charge. This author seriously knows cats.  Also, cats trying to take over the world via talking mirrors and Facebook is pretty funny.  Anyway the cats try to take over earth, and its sweet and cute and pretty juicy actually. A lot of fun. The ending is a bit anti-climatic but it doesn’t ruin the book or anything. Highly recommend for kids of all ages, especially those partial to cats.

If you like the Warriors series, read this.