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Pandas! Learn and Look

Pandas! Learn About Pandas and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Pandas) - Wolff,  Becky

Today’s animal Look and Learn series review is of the Panda!  I wasn’t sure which one to pick (i have a whole bunch of these) to read next.  I live in the metro d.c. area and we had a panda cub born a few months ago.  Within the past few days, voting has opened up on picking the girl cubs name. I voted for Bao Bao if anyone really cares.  Anyway, that’s why I picked this one to review today.


I will give this one 4 Stars because of editing and pixilated photos. However, the facts were interesting and useful. *Runs off to buy a few more in the series*


There’s the same pixilation issues with some of the photographs.  But Love the picture with the panda submerged in water with only it’s head sticking out.  Ooops discovered a typing error. They seem to have dropped the word eat. Uh, anyone hear of editing before publishing? Even if it’s only a kids e-book.


Did you know?


Panda’s eat about 40 to 80 pounds of bamboo per day.   o.0

If bamboo is unavailable because of snow, pandas will sometimes eat mice or uncovered


The Giant Panda is found exclusively in China.

There are thought to be less than 1600 pandas left in the wild.  (This makes me VERY sad).

Pandas are very shy. (I wonder how the heck they would know this)

Panda’s have been on earth for about 3 million years.  (Wow! Surprised me)