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Green Hornet, another DNF

Green Hornet Year One Omnibus TP - Aaron Campbell

Star Rating Art:   2 Stars

Star Rating Story: 3 Stars


Netgalley Review.


Just FYI, I know next to nothing about the Green Hornet but wanted to give this a try. At least it’s the first volume in the series this time so maybe I’ll get lucky and will get some background.


First Impression:  Art seems decent. Though the over all tone is really dark and some stuff seems hard to make out.


Plot/Storyline:  I am enjoying the general theme behind Green Hornet. It’s similar to Batman in that the rich are *gasp* actually trying to help the poor. The theme of fighting corruption is in this as well as Batman.


I really should have liked this more, but at about 45 pages in I decided to stop reading. Reading graphic novels on my phone is hard enough but when the art is so dark, you can barely tell who is who. I don’t have time to read graphic novels on my home computer because I have a 3 year old son.  Also, while the general idea was good, the story was kind of boring, not terribly original. I hate not being able to finish books and this is the second one today I’m giving up on.