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Owly 5: Tiny Tales

Owly, Vol. 5: Tiny Tales - Andy Runton


Star Rating Art:  5 Stars

Star Rating Story:  5 Stars


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I’m a bit confused. This volume contains a short story (I think) called Splashing Around. Yet supposedly Volume 6 is Splashing around. Mmm.


I’m not going to list all of the stories, just the major ones.


Second story in this collection is called Aw Nuts. Bound to be good, it’s got a chipmunk! I LOVE Chipmunks! Ridiculously cute, a chipmunk wants birdfeed to eat instead of the nuts so he pretends to be a bird.


Breakin’ the Ice- In which Canadian Geese are introduced. This story isn’t as clear what is going on.  For those who haven’t read any of the Owly series, it’s non text, all images. It’s not always clear what is being said between the animals.  Oh no! The chipmunk falls through the ice, then Owly. The chipmunks face as it pulls Owly out of the water is sooo cute.


Hanging up to Dry- Cute, but only a page

Bee Nice- Humming birds and bees are adorable. The mad hummingbirds are hysterical.


Helping Hands- Very juicy. Goes back in time and shows Owly’s mother. Raccoon makes an appearance. So does a bunny


Hatchin Friends- Incredibly cute. Love the pretend dinosaurs coming from the eggs.


I really enjoyed seeing the early doodles of Owly. Very Sweet. Plus the early longer stories.

Have I mentioned I LOVE WORMY??!! Also love the chipmunk, but it isn’t a regular I don’t think.   I SOOO hope he (Runton) continues to make these, love, love,love love these!!!


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