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In the Secret Service

In the Secret Service: The True Story of the Man Who Saved President Reagan's Life - Jerry Parr

Star Rating: 3 Stars


First Impression: Seems good, but jumps around a lot.

This is basically the story of the secret service agent who saves Raegan’s life. He served on the details of two US Presidents, at least one vice president and countless VIP’s to the U.S.  While it is an interesting read, I could have lived without the religious references. If there’s anyway to turn me off to something, it’s by bring “God” into it. Please.   I’m really loving the details about the Kennedy assasination even though he wasn’t there.  I’m dying to hear about the attempt on Raegan but I assume it won’t be until the end of the book just to drive me crazy.  The book sometimes seems like its one long shout out to everyone the author worked with. We honestly don’t need to know the name of every guy on every presidential or high ranking detail. Oy.  So overall just an average book. The part with Raegan getting hurt was the most facinating. I stopped after that because it seemed so anti-climatic. Never mind I didn’t want to hear about how Mr. Parr found religion.