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Platypuses! Look and Learn

Platypuses! Learn About Platypuses and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Platypuses) - Becky Wolff

4.5 Stars- I’d give it 5 stars but the photos could have been better. More baby pictures too would have been nice.


In case anyone hasn’t figured this out about me yet, I freaking LOVE animals. Especially if they are small and fuzzy. EEEEKKKKKK!!! SQUUEEEAAALLLL!!!!  They are so freaking cute!!!!!    I am so working my way through this entire series but don’t want to overwhelm peoples feeds with them. Never mind I actually do have to get real work done at work.  Contrary to the first three I’ve read in the series, I know next to nothing about Platypuses, other than the fact I can barely spell Platypuses.


The photos are good, some aren’t great but I imagine it’s hard to get photos of animals swimming under water.  I did not know that Platypuses keep their eyes closed while swimming. I don’t think I knew they live in Australia, though it makes sense.  There is a good description of the Platypuses three layers of fur which I won’t detail but is simple for kids to understand. I did not know they can live to 12 years old. Am I the only idiot who didn’t know they lay eggs? Is that right??  *Pause for fact checking*... Well what do you know, they do indeed lay eggs. Cool. Also, they’ve been around since the time of Dinosaurs.


One thing I’m learning from Amazon, don’t always trust the damn reviews. Cause on Amazon some of these are getting slammed, but I love them.