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Courtney Crumrin: Coven of Mystics, Volume 2

Courtney Crumrin Volume 2: The Coven of Mystics Special Edition Hardcover - Ted Naifeh, Warren Wucinich

Star Rating Art: 5 Stars

Star Rating Story: 5 Stars


Self Purchase, hardback.


First Impression:  Seems as fun as the 1st in the series.


Plot/Storyline: Better than the first book. More involved.


Art/Colors: Dark and bold, love the colors.


Characters: I love Courtney. I like how she’s grumpy, I love how she’s always up to no good. I feel l was like her when I was a kid. Only, I didn’t stand up to bullies.  , I love her uncle. The story with the cats rocks and I love Skarrow.


Writing: This is quickly turning into a favorite graphic novel series, along with Gunnerkrigg court.  Can’t go wrong with talking cats! and Elves/faeries!  Seriously, if you like young adult graphic novels, go out and get this series. It’s worth paying the money to own the hardback special editions. They are beautiful and I look forward to rereading these.  SOO good.


Cover/Bookconstruction: Beautiful. Also really like the paper used in the book.  I love how these books (at least the special edition versions) come with the sewn in bookmarks. Love them!!!

Quotes: “I always wondered if you had teeth. Good to know.”- Uncle A to Courtney.