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Two Boys Kissing

Two Boys Kissing - David Levithan

Star Rating:  5 Stars


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First Impression: Beautifully written


When they say a book flows well, this book is what they mean. It’s so incredibly beautifully done. It’s like a breath of fresh air. It’s about so much more than two boys kissing yet that is all it’s really about.  I think every straight person should read this book to get an idea of how hard it is to be a gay teenager.    What an incredible book. See some of the quotes below.


Warnings:  Stressful when some gay kids are beaten up.

Anxiety Rating:  Medium

Cover: Beautiful, tender. Well done.




Quotes: “He treats his body like it’s made of fireworks, each one timed to the beat.”

“Freedom isn’t just about voting and marrying and kissing on the street, although all of these things are important. Freedom is also about what you will allow yourself to do.”

“We are talking about seeing two boys who love one another kiss one another. That has so much more power than sex.”

“There is no reason that we should ever be ashamed of our bodies or ashamed of our love,”