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Lazarus: Book 1

Family - Michael Lark, Greg Rucka, Stefano Gaudiano, Brian Level

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Star Rating Art:  3.5 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4.5 Stars


Netgalley Review


First Impression: Is wondering why everything is tinted blue.


Plot/Storyline: Really interesting family drama set in a dystopia. Incest occurs.  The story is fantastic once it get’s going. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it but by the end I couldn’t stop reading. I’m Not impressed with the art. Too inky. But it isn’t terrible.  At the end of the graphic novel is a short prelude story but that isn’t anything special though it would have helped if it had been at the beginning of the graphic novel.  Highly recommended if you like dystopia and mix of science fiction.


Characters:  Forever is hot. Yes, her name is Forever.


Cover: Love it