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Rats! Look and Learn About Rats

Rats! Learn About Rats and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Rats) - Becky Wolff

5 Stars


About 10 years ago I was with someone who I cared deeply about.  She introduced me to pet rats. And while I am no longer with her or have pet rats anymore, I will always treasure the memory of having pet rats.  So after seeing the Meerkat version of this small book series, I was very happy to discover there was a rat one.  While this isn't heavy on text, I love having the pictures to remind me of all the little ritties I once had.   There are also pictures of street rats, so don't be alarmed.  But pet rats are so sweet and loving. I'm loving seeing pictures of them again.


Did you know?: "There is no record in the U.S. of humans catching rabies from a rat bite."

"A rat can regulate it's temperature through its tail."

"Rats are very clean animals. They spend several hours per day grooming themselves."


Squirrels are rats with better P.R.  Rats really have a bad reputation and they shouldn't. They are the sweetest animals. But honestly, it was really hard to loose them every 2 years.


This book is actually quite informative, mixing information on pet rats and street rats. My only complaint is that there isn't enough adorable photo's on pet rats.