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Pearls Sells Out

Pearls Sells Out: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury - Stephan Pastis

Overall: 5 Stars


Star Rating Art:   4 Stars

Star Rating Story:  5 Stars


Self purchase.


First Impression:  Crocodiles!! YEAY!!!!


Plot/Storyline: I was going to hold off reading this because I’m almost caught up on the treasury releases.  However, the Federal Shutdown has me depressed so I’m going to read it now to cheer me up.OMG OMG!!! He did multiple strips with Meerkats!!!! EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! SOO funny. I really needed to see that!!!!


On page 80 there is some great commentary on a series of strips he did with Abe Lincoln.   I love the summo wrestling squirrels that appear in several strips later on.  On pages 224 and 225 there are great strips with the crododiles and Zeebra getting together at Christmas. According to the treasury notes people complained that the strips were too dark. However, I love them. My favorite scene is the last strip on page 224 where one of the crocodiles is beating Zeebra over the head with the key. Hysterical facial expressions.  Also hysterical is the crocodile singing made up words to a christmas song on page 225. On page 235 is a great compilation (for lack of a better word) of some joke and puzzle strips. Check it out, its amusing.  


Cover:I sssooooo want the Sruffed animals (are on this cover of this treasury) of the regulars for Xmas. Told husband several times.  I love how in all of the treasury covers, a picture of the cartoonist is photoshoped into the picture.


I really think this was the best treasury yet!! Man I love this strip!! I think I have one more waiting for me and then the next one comes out in March!! WOOT!!!