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I am Pusheen the Cat

I Am Pusheen the Cat - Claire Belton

3.5  for both story and art. Very average but still very cute. Especially if you are a cat lover like me.


Netgalley review.


I haven’t read the online comic, so this is a new experience for me.  The Kindle version was all messed up so my review is based on reading it on my iphone where the download looked fine.


First Impression:  Cute illustrations.


This review I’ve broken down the parts I like and don’t like. Not all categorys/sections of the book are listed but you can assume are average if they didn’t fall into the Like or Don’t like categories. This isn’t a read to get lost in book, more of a gag gift for cat friends, even then, not sure i’d spend money on it.


Part 1: I am Pusheen the cat- Like the petting chart, so true about cats.  I like Pusheen’s guide to sleeping positions, also very true of cats. Don’t like: The guide to being Lazy

Part 2: Things you should know about cats: Likes: Understanding your cat’s emotions; Dinocats- ridiculously cute   Don’t like: Things cat’s look like

Part 3: How to live:  Likes:    Tech support tips from your cat          Don’t like: 6 Practical uses for Marshmallows

Part 4: Stormy: Likes: Kitten Adventures, Stormy’s guide to sleeping positions, Box size guide               Don’t like: none

Part 5: A Year in the life of Pusheen: Likes:    New Years Resolutions, Lazy costume ideas for  your cat        Don’t like: How to have a great Saint Patrick’s day