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Courney Crumrin 4 (Slightly Old review)

Courtney Crumrin, Volume 4: Monstrous Holiday Special Edition - Ted Naifeh (Artist)

This is a review I did in September that for somereason didn't come over in the transfer. Here it is


Star Rating Art: 5 Stars

Star Rating Story: 4 Stars


Netgalley Review. As usual, found one that’s not the #1 in the series. But I got introduced to  Gunnerkrigg Court this way, so sometimes it pays off.

First Impression:  Way too many intro pages. What the heck? But I’m liking the dark reds.

Plot/Storyline:  Very cute. I don’t feel like I’ve missed a lot by starting with volume 4 which is really nice.

Art/Colors: Beautiful art and coloring.

Characters: Courtney very cute. But I have to wonder why she doesn’t have a nose.  I really am enjoying it.  I do want to read more in the series, but funds are limited so I need to put these on the look for at the library list.

Quotes:  “After a lifetime of isolation, the man had the emotional empathy of a weevil.”