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Does anyone else beside me feel guilty when giving a low rating for a book?  After the Goodreads crappola I'm terrified to give anything a low rating.  I haven't done anything wrong, I didn't trash an author just stated I didn't like the art or how two characters are portrayed. See here if you want to see the post I'm talking about. In any case, I'm feeling bad for stopping reading. But I hate wasting time with bad books when 1. There are soooo many other good books out there   2. This government furlough could end at any moment so I want to read good books while I still have time and 3. I have a huge list of netgalley books to review.  Just curious if I'm the only one who feels bad.


Sort of related to this,about the same post in fact, I feel like I normally write my best reviews when I fall in love with a book.  My exception is with this review (same post), where I feel l actually contributed something worthwhile. Does anyone else out there do the same thing? 


In my secret fantasy world, I'd love to give up my day job and just review books for a living, but since I can't make money this way right now, I have to keep plugging away when I have a few minutes. But a girl can dream.    I also feel really inadequate when I see how many good reviewers there out there.   It amazes me how many people can write really good reviews.  In anycase, I appologize if my reviews aren't perfect, but if you stick around with me, I think they will improve with time. Especially when I'll have more time to work on them as my 3 year old son gets older.


thanks for listening!