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Spera, Volume 3

Spera Volume 3 - Josh Tierney, Michael Dialynas, Cory Godbey, Afu Chan

Netgalley Review. 2 Stars

This is another one that I thought looked interesting and decided to jump right in with Volume 3.  When I did this with Gunnerkrigg Court, it paid off well.  Unfortunately, didn't work so well this time.  I did like how there was a really good introduction of all of the characters for those of us joining in.  I only read one and a half stories before I decided I didn't want to waste any more time reading this.  It's one of those graphic novels where there is a different artist for each chapter. I.HATE.THAT.SHIT.  I know  you have to switch artists in different volumes, but seriously seeing different artists in one book with the same characters is really ANNOYING. As annoying as typing in ALL CAPS.  My other chief complaint with this series is that both lead women/girls were portrayed as a bit airheady. Come on, when will guys stop portraying woman as ditzy blonds? It's old, it's outdated and I would never let my daughter read this if I had a daughter. Fortunately I have a son and will direct him to Batman instead. In anycase, I don't want to trash it too much because some people might really like it. I just couldn't find much value in reading this.