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Will O the Wisp

Will o' the Wisp (Aurora Grimeon) - Tom Hammock

Overall 4.5 Stars


Star Rating Art:   4 Stars

Star Rating Story: 5 Stars


Netgalley review.


First Impression:  Cute, has potential. The main character looks a little gothy although she has blond hair. I am liking the color schemes. Dark and bold colors. Has a lot of potential.


OMG!! This was so good. I hope and hope and hope there will be more!!!!


A 12 year old girl’s parents die and she has to go live with a grandfather she’s never met. He lives in the south (of the U.S.), in a swamp area. Full of Hoodoo/Voodoo. Creepy and very unique.  I think I’ve found another favorite of the year.


Characters:  Aurora is believable and not annoying. The grandfather grumpy but warms up. Both are believable and realistic. Aurora is kinda gothy but not annoying. Mamma Nonnie is the grandmother everyone wants. Missy the Racoon is awesome, but would like it a little more if she talked.


Writing: Very well written.


Warnings:  Don’t let little kids read this, it may be too scary for them.


Praises:  Very original. Great story, great depth. Incredibly original. Losts of ghosts and spirits


Recommendations: ANyone who likes young adult graphic novels. People who like things about Southern USA, like Louisanna.


Anxiety Rating:  Very Minor


Cover: Very nice, love it.