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Fairest in all the Land

Fairest In All the Land - Bill Willingham

Star Rating Art:  Too varied to give it an overall rating. 3.5 stars maybe?

Star Rating Story:   2.5 Stars


Netgalley review.


This is my first time reading Fairest. I was so excited to see this on Netgalley.  I’m almost caught up with Fables, but not quite yet but thought this would be a good jumping in point for Fairest.

First Impression:  I am loving the intro art. It looks like it was done with colored pencils. I could be wrong, I’m not an art expert.  The long, long narration by the mirror is long and annoying. I’m half tempted to skip it but am afraid I’ll miss something i need to know.

Switching artists every few pages is really annnoying. They call it another chapter, but it’s just them switching artists. How irritating.  Phil Noto is an artist for one section, and honestly, it’s just terrible. What the hell?? You can barely see Cinderella’s face.  Potentially, this could be because it’s an e-copy? But really, I don’t think so. I think the art is just bad. Good thing is, I’ll probably only have to wait a few pages for a new artist.  Ok graphic novel is so inconsistant. One artist is good, but the next isn’t.  It’s supposed to be one long story (I think) but because of all of the different artists its confusing me.  The plot is completely crazy, snow white and rose red get murdered and it’s all really wacky. I really don’t want to give up on reading this but I’m not enjoying it. I’m fairly certain i won’t be reading any more fairest despite loving Fables.  I’m giving up on this because I really don’t want to lose any more time reading stuff I’m not enjoying. Too bad since I love reading graphic novels.