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Zita, The Spacegirl

Zita the Spacegirl - Ben Hatke

Star Rating Art:: 4.5

Star Rating Story:  4


Self purchase, paperback.  The book its self is beautiful. Nice paper. I really like the font used


First Impression:  I am really digging the art and colors. It doesn’t appear to be text heavy, I like that.


Really very cute. A fun and fast read. Really like the art. I love all of the different alien life forms..  There is one character, a mouse. People, that is not a mouse, that’s a freaking rat. I know, I had pet rats and they were freaking awesome. Anyway, it’s all very cute and I’ve already ordered the next one. My only complaint is that the story isn’t very original, kinda generic sci fi story, but still really cute.


Quotes: “ Perhaps you should install hover units on your rodent.”- One

Shelves: to-re-read, juicy, comics/graphic, childrens


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