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The Mesmer Menace

The Mesmer Menace - Kersten Hamilton, James Hamilton

Star Rating: 4 ½ Stars

Internal Art- not finalized so I won’t rate it.  But it looks like it has the potential to be lovely.


Netgalley Review.


First Impression: I was thinking this was a graphic novel so I was a little put off at first. Can’t be bad though when the main character is s dachshund named noodles.


Plot/Storyline:  Very cute. I love how it’s told from the dog’s point of view. I’m a sucker for animals. I really like the idea of Teddy Roosevelt going in disquise as a hobo to meet the secretive scientists. Very cute.


Characters:Love, love Noodles, both the name and the character. A kitchen worker is named Knives, while could be lame, it seems really cute in this book. I love how Noodles explains what harder to understand words (for kids) means.


Overall, I really liked this book. Really cute, very readable and sweet. A very “Juicy” book.


Quotes: “My wagger went wild” -Noodles.

“Dachshunds are known for their discretion and their keen attention to detail.” -Noodles

“A well rested dachshund is a well-prepared dachshund!” Noodles

“Arise, my Minions!” Iron Claw commanded, spreading his wings.

“I closed my eyes and willed my wagger to wiggle.” Noodles