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Y: The Last Man - Brian K. Vaughan,  Pia Guerra Wow is this a great graphic novel. So glad I've returned to reading them (now that I have a Kindle Fire). Story 1 is really really strong, the art is fantastic and remains that way throughout the book. Love the pet monkey. The last man is a great premise.

In Story 2, I love how Yorrick gets gropped, hysterical. I'm loving the story line but it is a bit scary if you have a 3 year old son. In story 3, the Republican slam made me laugh. The shootout is a fun scene and I'm continuing to love this.

In story 4, there are some really great lines (speach, not art). I love seeing D.C. portrayed in comics and books. I am put off by the Amazon women, who are man haters. And its interesting that Yorick's sister is an Amazon.

The final story in this volume was shorter than the rest and ended on a cliff hanger. I was stunned that Hero (Yorrick's sister) shot the woman. I can't wait to read the next volume in the series!!