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A Dangerous Path (Warriors, #5) - Erin Hunter Wow. I keep thinking these books are going to get predictable and boring but they do not. I totally adore them. LOVE these books, but not much to review except commentary on things going on:

Things are heating up as Tigerstar becomes leader of Shadowclan. Fireheart has to speak at a clan meeting for the first time. I keep wanting Fireheart and Sandstorm to get together and have kittens but in this book, after several falling outs, they at least declare that they love each other.

Bluestar continues to decline, almost going completely mental but comes back at the end only to die and obviously Fireheart is about to become clan leader in book 6.

I’m so sick of Tigerstar, I wish Fireheart would defeat him already, but I suspect that will take place in book 6.

Greystripe FINALLY returns to Thunderclan after Riverclan kicks him out for not attacking Fireheart. I am so glad Fireheart has his best friend back.

The only thing that bothered me about this book was how crazy Bluestar was becoming. I hated her renaming the cat (can’t remember original name now) Lostface, I found that particularly cruel. But at least Bluestar regains some rationality before she dies at the end.