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The Darkest Hour (Warriors, #6) - Erin Hunter I think that this is the weakest of the 6 books in the first series of Warriors. For the most part, it was very predictable though I must admit there were a few surprises (I’ll detail in spoiler section) that got me. I will give this 4 of 5 stars despite me tearing through it as I did through the first 5. Also, it had a high anxiety factor for me so that’s another reason to drop the rating slightly. If you like cats, you’ll like the series (unless you don’t like young adult). But I do recommend the series.

Book 6 picks up exactly where book 5 left off. Bluestar is dead and the cats gather to say goodbye and then bury her. The next day, Firestar is off to see starclan. He gets his nine lives but the dream is cut off after a bloody vision. Darkstripe is exiled after he tried to feed a kit deathberries. And of course Tigerstar is plotting evil deeds. Tigerstar forces two clans to join, and pressures the rest of the cats to join but they don’t. I was getting really anxious in this part of the book though I knew it had to have a happy ending. A side note, a good thing to happen was that Lostface finally gets a news name.

Bloodclan is introduced. They are a gang of cats living in the cities and have Scrouge as their leader. They had made a deal with Tigerstar to force the other cats out of the forest so that Tigerstar and Scrouge could take over the entire forest. Tigerstar tries to get Scrouge to attack Firestar and Windclan but he won’t do it after Firestar tells him everything that Tigerstar has done. Big surprise here: Scrouge kills Tigerclaw- with all nine lives- in one attack. Must admit this surprised me, I was expecting a huge confrontation and battle with Tigerstar and Firestar. Then the four clans unite to fight off blood clan which they do. Firestars deputy is killed and Greystripe becomes Firestars deputy.

I really liked the book despite some of the issues I had with it. Also, when the hell are Firestar and Sandstorm going to have kits together???? Come on already!!!