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Locke and Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft - Joe Hill,  Gabriel Rodríguez I try not to read reviews or descriptions of books right before I read them because I like not knowing much about the book. It kinda backfired on me this time. My husband’s niece died July 22. We were devastated. It wasn’t violent but when one of the opening pages was two violently dead bodies and then a scene in funeral I was a little taken aback. I don’t mind violence at all. I was just a little shocked because I’m feeling sensitive and sore from the niece dieing and I had forgotten what this graphic novel was about.

Art’s pretty good, a 4 star. . But I noticed almost all characters faces are squished. Kinda odd. Some funny lines but creepy. But I want to live in the house, I so want that house (ok, maybe not with the magic doors, but still)... One relatively minor complaint, I can barely tell where the chapters or issues stop and start. The dark text for marking a chapter is hard to see. Annoying since I like to read the novels in pieces on my lunch breaks at work.

The time jumps, going from before the murders to after the murders keeps confusing me. I understand it’s probably necessary but It keeps mixing me up. However it gets better toward the ending chapters. I was mostly confused at the beginning and things cleared up toward the end. And the pace picked up so now I want to read more of it. Story is a 4 stars too.

Favorite Quote: “Mother Mary on the Rag!” LOL