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The Bee Society: My Life as a Bee - Georgie Bee UPDATED Review: 2 or 3 Stars. The publisher saw my review and sent me a copy that was complete. Yeay! Good to know these reviews are actually read. I just feel bad I didn’t immediately get around to re-reading and reviewing. But this is just a hobby for me, I have a little boy and a full time job. It’s an ok book but nothing remarkable but some kids may like it. I’m not particularly fond of the artwork. I think it’s completely computer generated. I’m more impressed with children’s books that have art that’s hand done and then scanned in. But to each their own. My complaint about the story still holds true, there isn’t that much of a plot, just a running commentary on the bee’s life. But its sorta cute, but who knows someone else may like it.

Netgalley review.

Children’s book thats told from the point of view of Georgie Bee who is a honeybee.
Annoying thing: Anything like the word “be” is turned to Bee. Also before turned to beefore. Kinda irritating. I like children’s books but this makes my eyes roll, very gimicky. Not much of a story, just a running commentary on the bee’s life. I was expecting something to actually happen. Don’t bother wasting time with this, it’s terrible.

Formatting off, spaces between words not always correct and makes a bit harder to read. I assume this will be fixed before the book is finalized. All images are missing. It’s hardd to review a book fully without seeing what art or other images are like. Parts of text are missing (in the section about him being an advice columnist) also making it hard to complete a fair review. I had to give up on this book because without the images and barely any story line, there’s just no way to like this book.