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Life After Life - Kate Atkinson Wow, what a book. But I must admit it that all the time jumping got to be really confusing. Ursula is a girl/woman who is born over and over and over again, constantly reliving her life. She dies in various ways and various different things happen to her. I found the writing to be pretty and the story very original. Overall, 4 stars I think. One thing I feel that the author did really well was portraying the realities of war. Ursula (Goddess I hate that name!), is an adult during WWII and works helping rescuing people who have been bombed in Germany. The little things Ursula notices, helps to really show how the war was like. I do feel like the book ended suddenly.


Some interesting things happen to Ursula along the way. In one life, she is raped, becomes pregnant has a botched abortion and refuses to tell anyone how she ended up pregnant. In another life, she marries a man who later beats her to death. And in probably the most bizarre of the stories, she moves to Germany and ends up in the company of Hitler and Eva Braun. Her horrible husband is killed and then she and their daughter commit suicide during some bombing in Germany. In one similar version, she actually shoots Hitler.