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The Last Priestess (The Songmaker #1) - Elizabeth Baxter Netgalley review. 3 Stars

Has one heck of an opening paragraph: “ Maegwin de Romily woke with a headache on the morning of her execution.” I’m immediately curious and want to know more. Unfortunately it turns out to be a bit of a disappointment. Average writing, average plot though somehow I still wanted to keep reading more which is why I didn’t rate it lower than I did.

The parts with Angels didn’t seem necessary. I’m not a huge fan of Angels, fairies yes, Angels not so much. One of my main concerns in the book is that the author says the main character was not taught how to fight. If that is the case, how is she killing people, especially King’s Guards? That doesn’t make sense to me. How is she saving the King’s mage if she has no experience fighting? Earlier in the book there is some dialog between a brother and sister soldier that seemed ridiculous and unneccesary. It made the characters seem lame. The characters seem to be a bit underdeveloped. If there were more background on them, maybe I would have liked them more. Also, the kiss scene between the two main characters really didn’t seem all that believable. Seriously, the guy may have saved Maegwin’s life, but why does she suddenly seem so in love with him? I find that hard to believe since they’ve only known each other a short time.

Anyway, over all the story isn’t bad, but just average. I did want to finish the book so that says it wasn’t completely terrible. Overall just an average fantasy book. May or May not want to read future books in the series.