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The Outlaw Demon Wails - Kim Harrison I can tell if a book is good if I almost miss my metro stops on the way to and from work. I really like this series but this one has me confused. Parts of it I really liked and parts I kept getting distracted by things going on around me while commuting to and from work.

I loved the blood drinking scene between Ivy and Rachel. Seriously, will they ever hook up?? Seriously need a good lesbian vampire story. I didn't like all the crap with Al the demon as it seems so rehashed from previous books in the series. But I suppose there always has to be characters you don't like. Fortunately, the parts with Al are limited and when it goes to the back burner, the story line gets better.

Another thing I liked was more filling in of Rachel's history including information on her father. I also liked the hopefully new character Bis, who is a Gargoyle. Lots of potential there. I'm going to give this book 4 stars despite the issue with Al that I have because the series is really good. But I'd prefer to give it 3 1/2 stars as I kept getting distracted while reading it.

Quotes from the book that I like:

"You little will-o'-wisp of a ghost fart."
"Damn, that's more freaky than a fairy's third birthday party"
"No one in the movies ever looks up until the saliva starts dripping down."
"Tink's Dildo, I'm leaking enough dust to be a lighting rod"
"Tink's Tampons"
"Oh for the sweet humpin love of Tink"