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Letting Ana Go - Anonymous Anonymous A little background on me. I’m currently 39 years old. I’ve had depression my entire life. When I was around 30, I developed an eating disorder, anorexia. Since I was in treatment for my depression anyway, my therapist decided to put me in a hospital since I kept losing weight, though I never got malnourished or extremely under weight.

In anycase this book was a little hard for me to read. Most of the time I forget I was ever treated for an eating disorder but I really wanted to read this book. It made me sad, reminding me of all of the body checking, the constant weighing of oneself and the panicking when you eat one tiny bit of anything.

Overall the book is just ok, which is why I only gave it 3 stars. I felt like there was too much focusing on when the girl was healthy and not enough details of when she was in the hospital or very sick. Not a bad book, I just have read better. However it was good enough to make it feel like it was a bit triggering of old habits.