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Y: The Last Man, Vol. 2: Cycles - Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr. This comic is freaking awesome. I love the art, I love the story. It makes me sad that it ends after 10 volumes, but I will have to survive. I’m soo glad I started reading graphic novels again. Seriously, read this if you haven’t already.

The first story is very amusing with a quick slam on Republicans. Writer has a seriously good sense of humor. Hero discovers her brother might be alive and story 1 ends with a great line.

Story 2, things are heating up. Hero has confirmation that Yorrick is alive. Yorrick is in a town full of women who are hiding a big secret, while 355 is hurt.

Story 3 And just when I thought the story was starting to get a little slow the secret of the town in Ohio is revealed. The woman are actually released prisoners. It ends dramatically when Hero shows up where Yorrick is.

Story 4 Hero tries to capture Yorrick but Sonia saves him only to be killed by Hero. Yorrick is discusted by his sister and threatens to kill her.

Story 5. Crap. Soldiers are comming after Yorrick. Damn this comic is good!