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Maus I : A Survivor's Tale : My Father Bleeds History - Art Spiegelman Wow, this is really, really intense. I think it is facinating that the Jews are portrayed as Mice and the Nazi’s are portrayed as cats. I am not surprised at all that this comic won a pulitzer prize. Art gets 4 stars, storyline gets 5 stars. I’m really excited to read the second volume which I have waiting at home for me.

Basically the graphic novel is about WWII. The current time period is a jewish father who survived Auschwitz and is telling his son about how he survived the war. The son is a cartoon artist and is doing a story about it. It alternates between current times and flashbacks to the war. We learn that the son’s mother at some point committs suicide, but we don’t learn the circumstances in the first volume. But by the end of Volume 1, both the mother and father are at Auschwitz.