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Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples My brain nearly exploded with excitement when I found Saga Volume 2 available on Netgalley this morning. I was upset that I would have to wait until I get home to read it (because I didn’t think any software existed to read Adobe Digital Edition files for the iphone). But I did another quick google search and discovered there is indeed software for it. So I immediately downloaded Saga Vl. 2 My only complaint is that it is a bit hard to read on the phone. But I can always reread later on my computer or when I get the paper copy that I’ve pre-ordered. THIS IS AMAZING.

Ok, Marko’s parents, in particular the mother, suck big time. Calling his wife a war time concubine, seriously awful. Ok so the father isn’t so terrific either knocking Alana out. Next issue, Alana is finishing a book and says “My Entire outlook on existence has just been permanently altered.” Yeah, that’s how I feel about Saga. Right after that, Alana meets Marko for the first time (in a flashback of course). Marko’s father is dying and only Alana knows which kind of bonds them. That and the fact he makes her some clothes. And in the third issue we learn that Marko’s ex girlfriend is the one who wants to kill me. I don’t remember if this is revealed in the first collected volume or not. Not amused with the use of the word faggy but it doesn’t seem so insulting when weird looking (look like starnosed moles) aliens use the term. But you’d think maybe a better word could have been chosen. A bit disappointed that Marko’s and Alana didn’t make an appearance in this issue. But the issue was still fantastic.

Ok, issue 5 starts with a bang. *snigger*. Yes, I’m 39 going on 12. I do like the fact that their child, Hazel, is the one narrating the comic. OMG, it gets better. The 12 year old kid inside of me is hilariously amused at Alana’s comment about her self. Ok, so its a flashback but still funny. But then the issue turns serious when Marko’s father saves the ship but in the process kills himself. Final issue (Already??) I’m not going to be upset about talking mice. Could have lived without seeing the mouses head explode.