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Jim Henson's the Storyteller - Janet Lee, Nate Cosby, Katie Cook, Paul Tobin I received this as a netgalley review copy. I should also say that I read this on my iphone since I don’t really have time to sit at my computer at home and read.

I’ve seen other comments about this graphic novel and do not remember the tv show that appareantly was made, though I am pushing 40. The interludes with the old man and the dog are cute. Always like talking animals.

Overall, the art is really nice. Some stories are good. I think I’d give it 3 ½ stars but since Goodreads won’t let me, I’ll give it 3 stars.

Old Nick and the Peddler- From a Scandanavian folk tale. Like the art. Cute story of a poor peddler down on his luck. A devil type person tries to trick him but at a random person saves the peddler. It ends a bit abrubtly but its very sweet.

The Milkmaid and her Pail- Strange fantasy of a milkmaid with the moral of “Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched.” Nice art.

An Agreement Between Friends- The dog tells the storyteller a story. Amusing but I don’t like how cats are portrayed as sneaky creatures. I’m a cat fan and don’t like seeing them portrayed badly.

Old Fire Dragaman- Don’t like the layout for this one. Don’t particularly like the art or story either.

Puss in Boots- Really like the colors of this one. Obviously by someone who likes cats. In this story the art isn’t very clear, can’t tell if its because its a digital copy or the art isn’t good. A cat who’s wizard dies and then becomes friends with a girl- who is a princess. They are forced apart by the princess sister and the cat convinces fairies to turn him into a man. He then wins the princess heart as a man.

The Frog Who Becomes an Emperor- strange story of a frog who is born to a poor Japanese couple and becomes the Emperor by saving the city. Kinda lame.

The Crane Wife- a pauper man who finds an injured crane who becomes his wife whom he later works too hard. Not bad.

Momotaro the Peachboy- Really really liked the art for this one. Based on a Japanese Folktale. An older couple don't have children and the wife finds a peach. A boy comes out of it. When he is older he goes and fights Ogres and brings his parents treasure.

The Witch Baby- The beginning has an interesting Tarot card layout. Just a nit picking detail, but that’s a rat not a mouse. Oy. Very strange story of a witch baby and her brother.