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Beginning Pearls - Stephan Pastis Netgalley review.

I keep telling myself I’ll get around to reading Pearls before Swine but I never do. So here is my introduction to it. How can anything be bad if it has rats in it??? (I used to have pet rats). Also, I love love animals, so I’m really bound to like this. So I just finished it. Totally loved it!!!! And immediately purchased the first treasury of it. Technically this is a version for children so I imagine the full treasury will be slightly more advanced, but still I really really loved this. 5 Stars for art and story.

I’m really liking how cranky the rat is. I’m not exactly sure why, but I really like the art. Adorable. Love how the Zebra and Rat are drawn in particular. I’m a little sad that the books for these are in black in white. I’m totally loving the coloring in these.

I like how each major character has it’s own chapter. This is definitely a great intro to the series!
Pig isn’t the smartest tool in the shed but he’s cute. Section for goat really really short. Have I mentioned I love the Zebra??? And the letter exchanges with Lions and Crocodiles are killing me. And now to the section on Crocodiles. This looks promising to be hilarious. I’m loving how they can’t spell. They remind me of the Tea Party members. They of course make the Pig seem like a genius.

In any case if you aren’t reading Pearls Before Swine, I totally recommend it. This is actually a great introduction to the series despite it being geared for children.