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Y: The Last Man, Vol. 3: One Small Step - Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr., Paul Chadwick Review to I was a bit disappointed with this one. Way too military for my taste. Art is as good as the other volumes, however, the story seemed slow in the first few issues. I’m hoping the next volume will be better again. I want to give this 3 ½ stars but of course Goodreads won’t let me so I guess I’ll have to give it 4.

Chapter One- 355 meets a Russian and they fight on top of the moving train. Just like the movies lol. We are reminded that there are Russian men still alive, on the space station.

Chapter Two- We learn Yorick’s mother is trying to get him back to washington with the help of the israeli army. 355 and company make it to a secret hideout for politicians and someone is about to try to take out Yorick. Gets confusing with a bunch of military crap which I did not like.

Chapter three- People are not trying to kill Yorick afterall, just trying to capture him and take him back to Israel. So far, this volume is a little dispapointing. Too much babble about Israel. Gets a bit better when Yorick kidnapped at the end of this issue.

Chapter four- 355 bargins to get Yorick back. fighting ensues and of course ends on a cliff hanger. Things are picking back up in this issue and I’m enjoying it more.

Chapter five- In which the male astronauts make it to earth only to die but won’t spoil how. Hero meets up with her mom.

Part 6- about a troup of women actors after the plague. They find a monkey that's presumably not yoricks. And it's male. They put on a play about the last man on earth. At first I was like WTF is this crap? But its explained and is amusing.

Part 7- play continues. Turns out the monkey is Yoricks. But we don’t know how or why Ampersand escapted or how 355 and Yorick catch him. Maybe in the next volume.