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The Thrilling Adventure Hour - Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Joe LeFavi, Rebecca Taylor, Tom Fowler, Randy Bishop, Chris Moreno, Jeff Stokely, Lar Desouza, Evan Larson, Natalie Nourigat, Evan Shaner, Joanna Estep, Joel Priddy Negalley review. First impression: Enough with the damn fake ads. I realize this is supposed to be campy and cheezy, but I think they’ve gone a bit overboard.

Sparks Nevada- Not a promising start, I don’t like Wild West type stuff. Wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I downloaded this so maybe my fault. Wild West combined with Aliens plus robots? Weird but got better with a female cowboy. Art average. 3 Stars for this story.

Phillip Fathom, The Deep Sea Detective- Art is better than first story but the story is making me go WTF? A Surprise birthday party sort of goes wrong. 2 stars. This was pretty bad.

Colonel Tick-Tock- A Colonel going through time to fix time anomalies which were caused by some cavemen.. Art pretty good. So far the most amusing story but that’s not saying much. I’m a bit confused. Is the Colone;’s name Trick Tock or Tick Tock? It’s shown both ways. Also his watch just called trick clock. Very confused. 3 Stars

Captain Laserbeam- Phillip Fathom shows up in this. Took me a minute to unconfuse myself. Toss in some children with math homework, not sure where this is going. Not sure why I’m still reading this graphic novel, I guess I don’t want to give up on a book I got from netgalley.

Cactoid Jim- Oh boy, another western. Not liking the art.

Ok. I just can’t get into this graphic novel. It’s not my thing. Others might like it but I find it annoying, badly written and barely any plot. When there is plot, it’s hard to follow. 1 star Next!