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Monster on the Hill - Rob Harrell Yes, another netgalley review.

EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!! Love this more than I LOVED Beggining Pearls and Swine.
Really like the art, and I LOVE how bright and bold the colors are. Reminds me of Jane and the Dragon, not a lot but just that the monster is unusual. I Love how each picture frame is completely colored in. There are tons of details in all of the frames. Story wise, this is freaking hilarious. I’m not halfway done yet and I’m really really hoping that this cartoonist will put out more like this. Also have put this on my Amazon wishlist so I can read it better on my kindle. May order it later but I’ve ordered a lot lately so need to put it off as much as I can.

It’s set in the U.K. and every town has it’s own monster. The people love their monster which is a source of pride. Except for one town, who isn’t particularly proud of theirs. A local man lost his medical license. The town’s administration promise to reinstate his license, if he takes care of the monster problem. See, the monster has self esteem problems and or depression.

The doctor and a stow away kid go off to help the monster. They decide to visit school buddies of Rayburn to ask for help i.e. monsters of other towns.. See bookmark. A monster agrees to help and they start on their way back. Only the kid gets turned into a mushroom. “Noodles” the monster helping out goes on his way and the Doctord and Rayburn go off looking for the fruit needed to return the kid to normal. Only Rayburn is beaten up by the Psychoplant. And so on and so on.

I haven’t quite finished the book but I know I’m not going to have time to write the review over the weekend (I have an active 3 year old boy) so I wanted to get it in now. GO GET THIS BOOK, It’s freaking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! God I hope this author produces more of these. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!