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Escape from Berlin - Irene N. Watts Netgalley review. 4 ½ stars
This is historical fiction though I can imagine many things in this book could have actually happened. E book formatting wonky. However, the story is very well told. It is a page turner and it is so heartwrenching. I kept feeling like it was a true story though I read somewhere it is actually fiction. Highly recommended if you like WWII stories.

It’s a story of a young Jewish girl named Marianne. She is living in Germany with her family. Her father is in hiding as he is on a list of people the Nazi’s want. Marianne’s mother volunteers in an orphanage and with a little luck manages to secure Marianne a spot on the Kindertransport out of Germany.

She looks after a little girl named Sophie for a few days and then they are separated. Marianne has a few unpleasant living arrangements in England but has a best friend who helps her look for work for her mother (so she can come to England). When she (and the reader) are about to give up home of living anywhere pleasant, her mother is finally able to come and they are reunited. (We later learned her father dies in a concentration camp). The book moves onto the story of Sophie who is quite a bit younger than Marianne. She basically grows up in the household of a friend of her mothers. She has a much more pleasant experience. Eventually Marianne and Sophie run into each other and reunite. When the war ends, Sophie gets a letter from her father telling her he is alive but her mother has died. He comes to England and is allowed to stay.