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The Saga of Rex - Michel Gagné 5 Stars both for art and story. First let me state, this is a re-read review for me. I’ve read this years ago, and totally loved it. I wasn’t part of goodreads then, nor did I review for my own blog as I do now so I didn’t give it a good review. Nor, did I have a 3 year old son who will also really like this in a few years. But he might like all the art/pictures now.

I have to say, I absolutely love, love, love this artist. His style is awesome, love the colors and the stories are easy to follow (for the most part).. I was never sure if his work was intended for children or not, but in any case, this 39 year old loves his work. I love the minimal text, text heavy graphic novels annoy me, it sort of takes away the point. I love how adorable all of the creatures are, not just Rex. Hard to explain the story line so I’m not going to. Really recommend this. Just wish it were available for the Kindle.