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The Book of Lost Things - Cynthia Voigt, Iacopo Bruno Netgalley review.
4 out of 5 Stars
I know supposedly I’m not supposed to review on covers of books, but I’m going to. I just love this cover of this book. The little amounts of inside art is nice as well. Because this is an ARC copy, most of the internal art was not finalized. But what was finalized was really nice.
Overall, I thought the plot was very good. My only problem with it is it seems like it was little stories about the same kid clumpted together, not a book. I admit I was expecting a story about a kid who goes looking for his missing parents, so was a little surprised when he doesn’t do anything about his missing parents and just finds a way to survive.

I think the grandmother and Max’s teachers were my favorite characters because they were amusing. Max seemed a little flat, though I did want to know what happened to him and I liked him, he just didn’t seem to have much depth. I don’t want to be too critical as this is supposed to be a young adult book, but I thought Max could use some more depth.

Quotes I liked: “ Because he was beginning to suspect that being independent on your own wasn’t as easy as being independent with parents.” and “Sometimes you have to break one law to obey another, important one.”