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Injustice: Gods Among Us Vol. 1 - Jheremy Raapack, Tom    Taylor Star Rating Art: 4.5 Stars
Star Rating Story:: 5 Stars

Netgalley Review.

OMG this was amazing. Story was fantastic. Mindblowing. Characters: As always, Love Batman. Fun to see him with Superman though I’m not a big Superman fan. Since when does Lois have red hair? And why does it switch to brown later? Don’t like the way she is drawn either, looks too much like a playboy bunny. Just about every character is in here. Joker is drawn well, very creepy not too cartoony. Love Harlyquinn as usual. But would be happier if Poison Ivy makes an appearance. Love the two of them together.

Praises: There are no words for some of the stuff that happens in this volume. Wonder how long I’ll have to wait for Volume 2???
Cover: Love, Love, love the freaky cover which enticed me to request this from Netgalley.


“I didn’t know this was the Squeaky Mallet. I thought it was the one that smooshed your head all over the floor!” - Harley ROTFLMAO!!
“It’s nice to be drugged and wake up handcuffed in a Lair. My Puddin and I used to do this every Thursday”- Also Harley
“No One should ever have to Justify a Fake Moustache.” Also Harley.
“Say it with me ‘I am the Dreaded Ares, God of Ponies’”- Wonder Woman