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American Vampire #1 - Stephen King, Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque Star Rating Art: 5 Stars
Star Rating Story:: 5 for Snyder, 3 or 4 for King’s.
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First Impression: Seems like its going to be good. While I read the Twilight novels and didn’t hate them, it’s nice to see Vampires being bloody and gory and not twinkling in the sunshine. Not sure how I feel about the wild west story line but we will see.
Art: For some reason I happened to notice that the line work seems to be thick. I like it, makes everything dark like it should be for vampires. I especially like the moving scenes, when vehicles are moving. Not sure why, I just think they look really good.
Plot/Storyline: I am enjoying Snyder’s story line more than Stephen King’s but that doesn’t surprise me. I never was a big Stephen King fan. Also not a western fan. but I love my Vampires.
Characters: Really like the actress Pearl Jones who is turned into a vampire. I find her very believable. I love that in the Snyder story line the lead vampire is a woman. Totally awesome, not enough women vampire stories as far as I’m concerned. I like Henry as he likes Pearl the way she is, Vampire or not.

Warnings: Violent and Bloody but you really should expect that with a Vampire graphic novel.
Recommendations: For anyone who likes Vampires. Also, if you like Westerns with your vampires.

Quotes: “Too Bad for you I’m an Atheist.”