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The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice - Mike Carey, Peter Gross Star Rating Art: 4 Stars
Star Rating Story: 4.5 Stars

Netgalley review.

First Impression: It seems to be a better starting point than volume 1 of the unwritten. I like the art.

Plot/Storyline: Very good.

Art/Colors: Subdued, but nice. The font during the time of the books writing is really hard to read and I believe I had this same problem with Volume 1.

Characters: The winged cat is awesome.

Praises: Obviously the book is supposed to be similar to Harry Potter, but it’s different enough that its not a horrible rip off. I was hesitant at first, thinking it would be a total rip off but its more like paying homage to it instead of making fun of it. I like that Tommy knows sign language. Don’t see much of that anywhere.

Recommendations: For anyone who likes Harry Potter (Me!!) Also, if you like vampires, this is good.

Anxiety Rating: Fairly low, but there are a few moments of anxiety.

Overall, very well done. A better introduction to the series than the Volume 1. I think this will help me understand when I get around to volume 2.