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Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh's Fortune - Sean O'Neill
Star Rating Art: 3.5 Stars
Star Rating Story:: 4 Stars

Netgalley review.

First Impression: Average art.

When I first started reading this, I was disappointed. It was slow and the art was only average.
However, once Nuri was introduced it started to get a lot better plot wise. Art doesn’t improve, but it becomes more tolerable. The plot is part Indiana Jones and part Amelia Peabody mystery (Egyptian Mystery books by Elizabeth Peters). Also can’t go wrong with secret passages too.
Screetch the pet monkey is cute. The housekeeper is annoying but at the end turns out to be a nice lady.. The graphic novel actually teaches kids about Egyptology without being boring.

Recommendations: Cute adventure book for kids.

Anxiety Rating: Mild anxiety when housekeeper won’t let Rocket keep his pet monkey in the house. More anxiety when no one believe’s Rocket’s adventures.

Quotes: “ Ugh, Take it easy on the onions Tahini breath.”- Nuri
“Why you two look like something that was scraped off the bottom of the Colossus of Imhotep’s sandal!”