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Batman, Vol. 1: The Court of Owls - Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion I’m not usually a fan of superhero comics, but out of all of them, Batman and the X-men are the one’s I enjoy the most. I don’t remember if I read any Batman when I first started reading comics awhile ago but have decided to start up again with this series. I love the idea of a Rich billionaire being a superhero and helping the poor and downtrodden. I just wish real life were like that.

Love the dark art, love the story. Of course I always love Batman’s technology. Supercool. The story is fantastic and the entire volume was a page turner.

One criticism, is that there is this one character, Lincoln who is running for Mayor, he looks almost identical to Bruce Wayne. They have the same boxy face. I hate it when artists do that because I get confused if people look to similar. Another thing I do not like is a bit subjective. I’m reading this on my kindle fire. And about half way through the book, the formatting switches to horizontal, not portrait layout. It’s just a bit difficult to navigate the panels this way.

Quotes: “ Nice one Harper, Epic Bat-Fail”

Overall, I love, love, love this and recommend it to anyone who reads graphic novels/comics.