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Batman, Vol. 2: The City of Owls - Becky Cloonan, Andy Clarke, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, Sandu Florea, Rafael Albuquerque, Scott Snyder, Jason Fabok, James Tynion Star Rating Art: 4.5 Stars
Star Rating Story:: 5 Stars

Self purchase, Kindle edition.

First Impression: Starts with a bang. And boy, those Owls sure are creepy.

Plot/Storyline: Have I mentioned how much I’m loving the Batman Court of Owls series????

Art/Colors: The court of Owls with the blank masks as faces are creepy as hell.

Not liking Alfred in the City of Owls for some reason. He seems annoying and not particularly helpful. I enjoyed Mr. Freeze. Still having issues with the way Bruce Wayne’s face is drawn, it looks weird. One of the chapters, has a segment on Alfred’s father Jarvis. I also enjoyed this part. I found that the the end of volume 2 ended a bit confusingly and I wasn’t quite sure what had happened.

One thing that’s really annoying to me, I can’t tell which volumes belong to which series. Why do the comic books creators have to get so annoying with the numbering and naming and throw everyone off? I believe the next one is one coming out later this year, but I got a copy from netgalley so will review it soon.

Anxiety Rating: Issue 3 (I think it’s called First Snow) was a bit higher than the others because a young boy loses his mother. Since I’ve become a mother of a boy, things like this really bother me.

Recommended for anyone who likes Batman or has an Owl fetish.

Quotes: “ You claim to act out of love. But I don’t think you even understand the meaning of the emotion! Love requires Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion. There’s Nothing inside of you but Ice and Hate.”- Batman