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Pearls Blows Up: A Pearls Before Swine Treasury - Stephan Pastis Star Rating Art: 4 Stars
Star Rating Story: 5 Stars

Paperback purchase.

First Impression: Hysterical. The later books are better.

I will always think of my dad when I read comics because he always loved comics. He always encouraged me to read, no matter what it was, even if he didn’t like what I was reading. Anyway, I’m sure my love of comics comes from him. Our favorite together was Calvin and Hobbes. Then I loved Mutts (Still do). Dad died two days before my wedding 5 years ago, obviously after Pearls started. I wasn’t reading comics much at that point, but I like to think that Dad would have really enjoyed or did enjoy this comic.

The introduction is funny, normally I skip them. I absolutely love that the first strip starts with the crocodiles. I miss them when I go back and read the earlier books. I love that this treasury has lots of cross-overs and or references to other strips. References to Simpsons are made. Stewie from Family guy shows up, Baby Blues father shows up. There’s more, but no need to ruin all of the surprises. There is a cute anectdote about being scared the author spelt a real Arabic word.

The inside of the cover is neat, will all of different pictures of takes they were chosing from to help with the cover. I loved this treasury so much I added all the stuffed Pearls characters to my Amazon Wishlist.

The only thing that bothers me is that Stephan Pastis can’t draw lips. They really are very scary. But overall, I totally love this strip. Keep them coming!!!

Quotes: “There’s a difference between asleep and dead guys.”- Zebra
“A man’s laugh should not sound like a weasel dying at the gates of hell.” Rat
“Math is not part of their fantasticalness.” Zebra