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The Walking Dead, Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars - Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman This volume is just as good as the first two. 5 stars. It is a particularly violent and bloody volume and once again I’m glad it’s in black and white and not showing all the blood.

So much happens: (Spoilers!)

Turns out the prison isn’t as abandoned as they thought. They find 4 people, prisoners not guards who have been holed up inside. The group tries to settle down and get situated. Rick goes off on his own (to dig up and shoot Shane again- not sure why). Lots of violence while Rick is gone. Hershel’s two youngest kids are killed. They think its the prisoner in for murder so they lock him up and he is pissed. Turns out the two were killed by one of the other prisoners who Rick ends up beating to death. They then give him to the zombies. Meanwhile the other guy is let loose and he is pissed. He is armed and insists everyone leave the prison, his buddy has collected guns that the group did not know about. The volume ends there.